EXCLUSIVE: Jesse McCartney Describes a ‘Superbad’ Girl, Reveals His Celeb Crush

I had the very fortunate experience of interviewing the adorable Jesse McCartney… Now, I don’t know about you, but this was totally my high school self’s dream come true.  “Beautiful Soul” basically got me through my freshman year.

Anyway, Jesse just released “Superbad,” another song that’s sure to be one of your favorites (it’s already been resounding in my head for close to two weeks now).  The lyrics describe a “classy girl” who’s got “danger in her touch,” so I obviously needed to know if this is what kind of characteristics Jesse looks for in a lady.

Girls take note: He told me there’s nothing more attractive than a funny girl who’s down to earth and laid back.  “[I look for] somebody who isn’t afraid to laugh,” he explained.

As for their appearance, the less maintenance the better for Jesse.  “[I’m into] somebody who’s not, you know, super narcissistic… Who doesn’t need to completely worry about what they look like before they walk out of the house.”

And the best part of it all? His celebrity crush is one of our all-time favorite actresses!  You’re going to die a little inside when you find out..

Check out the full interview in the video above!