The Most Intimate Kim and Kanye Moments You Need to See

Kardashians Take Paris
The gang go shopping before Kim Kardashian's wedding!
The day is almost here! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will be married this weekend!

The entire Kardashian/Jenner family is already in Paris gearing up for the big day and the countdown has begun! With Kim and Kanye’s wedding just hours away, we wanted to look back at the couple’s relationship to find some of their cutest photos together. To celebrate their big day, we put together 32 pictures of Kim and Kanye’s most intimate moments! Want to see them all? Click on our gallery! Take a trip down memory lane before this power couple ties the knot this weekend!

Kim and Kanye were first spotted together back in the spring of 2012. Since then, we’ve seen numerous pictures of the couple together all over the world. These two definitely know how to travel in style! All of these pictures have provided us with some of the most intimate moments between Kim and Kanye. Seriously, these pics are so sweet!

So, in honor of their wedding this weekend, we wanted to compile all of the intimate Kim and Kanye shots into one gallery. That way you can relive their relationship and see how much these two really care for one another! Trust us, these photos are too cute to miss! Ready to check them out? Take a look at our gallery! Click through all of the pictures and then give us your thoughts! Which picture do you love the most?

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