Kanye West Gives Good Quote

We all know that Kanye West is known for speaking his mind.

We can only wonder what sort of speech that he gave at his wedding this weekend.

Do you think his wedding speech was all about himself? Do you think that he actually included his Queen and Princess? Do you think that he rambled? Do you think he sang?

I'm hoping that he cried.

Launch the gallery to check out 15 of Kanye West's most outrageous quotes.



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  • Marnille Pett-Umawing
    Marnille Pett-Umawing

    Kanye kanye kanye.... you just offended God in a major way!

  • Sue Coburn
    Sue Coburn

    He really is sitting in a feminine manner in this photo..I think he has some sugar in his tank!! LOL I think he wants to be a cherub!

  • Lexus Nexus
    Lexus Nexus

    This man is the nearest thing to nothing. He's a celebrity who is the symbol of toe-jam. As an artist, his music celebrates ignorance and is quite forgettable. Count me among those who have never been a fan. Quit shoving these mediocre people down our throats.