Snooki, Shakira, and Other Celebs Share Cute Candids With Their Kids

Kourtney's Instagram
Kourtney Kardashian shares her snapshots!
Instagram: Every mother’s favorite app for obsessively capturing all the tiny and seemingly insignificant moments of their child’s life.

Celebrity moms like Snooki, Shakira, and Hilary Duff, have been all been plagued by this problem. For some reason, a cute baby with a face covered with food, and sporting an adorable little outfit, is always their first choice for an Instagram post. But hey, we’re not complaining! Hollywood is full of beautiful people, who marry beautiful people, and make more beautiful people. (Shout out to Chris Brown for that observation.)

So which celeb has the cutest kid? First of all, rating children based on their level of cute-ness is sick and wrong. Having said that, you should really just click through the gallery of Celeb Moms and Their Mini-Me’s, to decide for yourself!