Amber Heard Dons Lingerie for W Mag, Says Her Love Life Has Always Seemed ‘Salacious to Some People’

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Sultry actress Amber Heard, whose engagement to her 50-year-old Rum Diary co-star Johnny Depp raised a few eyebrows in Hollywood, opens up in the latest issue of W magazine about her “unconventional” love life, her ability to “go trailer park really fast” and why she doesn’t take pride in her beauty.

Photo: Steven Klein/Stylist: Edward Enninful

Heard, 28, who’s currently filming When I Live My Life Over Again with Christopher Walken, said her relationship with the much older Transcendence star, “I haven’t noticed any change in my career. And, for better or worse, I’ve always had a love life that seemed particularly salacious to some people. Before, it was also seen as unconventional.”

Prior to meeting Depp, Heard was in a three-year relationship with photographer Tasya van Ree, and has previously said with regards to her sexuality, “I don’t label myself one way or another—I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman. I love who I love; it’s the person that matters.”

The stunning actress also revealed she has a tough-talking side, if you cross her. “Whenever my old friends meet someone I’m involved with romantically, they immediately warn them: ‘She may look refined, but when she’s angry, she can go trailer park really fast. But I’d always rather be passionate than bland. I can’t imagine living a quiet life.”

In fact, she attributes her strength to lessons her father taught her, growing up in Austin, Texas. “He taught me a lot about animals, about cars, and about resilience. That’s what happens when your father doesn’t have a son. I drew the line at learning about football. I had to rebel somehow.”

But one thing the 3 Days to Kill actress has never relied on? Her looks. “It’s not creatively fulfilling to just be sexy. I did nothing to look the way I look. The genetic cards that anyone is dealt are not in their control, so to take pride in my looks would be a mistake. And besides in L.A. there’s always someone more beautiful!”