Get to Know: Brenton Thwaites

Angelina Jolie’s much talked about film Maleficent will hit theaters this Friday!  But she isn’t the only actor we should be thinking about upon the movie’s release…

Cue the drool, ladies… There’s a hot new Aussie in town!

Brenton Thwaites will make his debut in the upcoming Disney film, too, and after meeting him I can assure you he’s someone we’ll definitely want to see more of.

So, to prepare you ahead of time, here are seven fun facts to help you get to know the actor-from-down-under a little better:

  1. He’s 24 years old from Cairns, Queensland.
  2. His celebrity crush is Jennifer Lawrence.
  3. His favorite musician is Xavier Rudd, a multi-instrumental performer from Australia.  He also likes Eric Clapton and John Mayer.
  4. The most intimidating actor/actress he’s ever worked with is Angelina Jolie, whom he had a few scenes with in Maleficent.  He admits she was way nicer than he expected (even though she stayed in her scary character throughout the whole filming process).
  5. The coolest person he’s worked with so far is Jeff Bridges.  He says he’s a renaissance man. “Everything he does it cool,” he told me.
  6. One of the craziest experiences he’s had while filming happened on the set of The Giver (with Taylor Swift!).  They were in South Africa and a huge storm was supposed to come in.  The locals said they needed to get out of dodge, but the producers and directors thought they’d be okay.  When the storm hit it totally annihilated them as an electrical storm almost destroyed the whole set.
  7. His most awkward encounter happened with Brad Pitt.  Angelina Jolie’s character Maleficent was supposed to drop him to the ground in one scene, so he was harnessed onto a descend-o to help with the stunt.  In order for it to look real on-screen, he had to keep his body really tense.  As he was hanging in the air preparing to drop with his body completely tense, Brad Pitt walks in below him, and everyone kind of stopped what they were doing in the scene.  Brenton felt as though he was going to faint from tensing up so hard, so he didn’t have the energy to even say anything to Pitt.  Instead, he just gave him a head nod and worried about not losing consciousness instead.  “So yeah… I was high the first time I met Brad Pitt,” he told me with a laugh.  LOL!

Make sure to catch him on the silver screen in Maleficient this Friday, May 30th and again in August when his second big movie The Giver hits theaters!