Here Are the 6 Most Interesting Tidbits from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Wedding Extravaganza

Unless you’ve just emerged from a coma (in the which case: congratulations) you’ve by now heard that two very famous celebrities were married over the weekend. And while we’re all very excited for Casey Wilson and David Caspe, right now we’re talking about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The wedding took place Saturday in Florence, following a week-long celebration in Paris, sort of like Ocean’s Twelve, only without the jewel heist.

As it were, the wedding took place under a strict media blackout. However, mass interest in the Wedding of the Century has lead to at least a couple interesting tidbits coming out about the celebration: these are their stories.

First off, there’s the dress. Kim was wearing Givenchy Haute Couture; Kanye matched in a Givenchy tuxedo. While some low-quality pictures of the gown began circulating on Saturday, E! has some much better photos from both the ceremony and the reception. Here is the dress:

And what’s a wedding without a little bit of familiar infighting? It has been widely reported that Kim’s brother Rob was a no-show at the ceremony, after booking an early flight out of Paris the day before the wedding. Page Six reports that Rob’s weight was the cause of the fight, with other members of the Kardashian klan getting angry that Rob couldn’t fit into his Valentino suit for a pre-wedding luncheon.

And speaking of schadenfreude, other famous no-shows for the wedding include Anna Wintour, she who deemed West-Kardashian family the #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple, and Beyoncé and Jay Z. The Carter-Knowleses were reportedly in the Hamptons during the ceremony, while Wintour apparently had a family obligation which kept her from attending. Kim and Kanye weren’t far from their minds, however, as Bey posted a picture from Kimye’s Vogue spread on Instagram with the caption, “Wishing you a lifetime of unconditional love. God bless your beautiful family.” For her part, Wintour, at the exact time of the ceremony’s start, set down her croquet mallet and cracked the slightest smile of approval, causing the clouds in Florence to clear.

Moving on, as the old saying I just fabricated goes: weddings beget weddings. And this one was no different. People reports that Kim Kardashian bestie Brittny Gastineau made a love connection with magician and former member of Leonardo DiCaprio’s pussy posse, David Blaine. The two met at the ceremony and, according to an anonymous guest, “left the wedding together that night.” And another famous child is conceived in Florence.

As for the ceremony’s other guests, there was Jaden Smith, the young son of Will Smith and old soul in training. He wore a Batman costume:

This is the New York Post's Kimye wedding announcement.

And, finally, there is this: the New York Post’s mean-spirited wedding announcement. It is neither particularly clever nor funny, but it did receive plenty of attention, which was the true intention the whole time. So, congratulations, we’re all responsible for putting more money in Rupert Murdoch’s pocket. How does that feel?