Kate Middleton Flashes a Toned Bare Booty, Gets Compared to Kim and Khloé

Kim's Butt Selfie
kim Kardashian's portrait is turning a lot of heads.
The Queen of Assland England isn’t going to be too happy with this one!

Kate Middleton’s bare booty has been published for the world to see after she accidentally flashed some onlookers while boarding a chopper in Sydney during her royal tour of Australia.

Bild magazine, a German tabloid newspaper, published the photo alongside pictures of Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian’s derrieres with the caption, “Khloe, Kim and Kate– backsides that have moved us these past few days!”


The publication also took to Twitter to share the full moon photo.  The caption reads, “Insight into the royal family.  #Kate’s risque appearance, thanks to the wind!”

Of course this isn’t the Duchess of Cambridge’s first rodeo with a revealing photo.  Two years ago she was photographed topless while on vacation in France with Prince William.  The photographs were published in French magazine Closer and later ordered to be taken down as the royal couple filed a criminal complaint for breach of privacy.

But I don’t think I’d be as pissed off this time around if I were Kate… At least her booty looks toned and fab!