Tuesday Ten: 10 Fabulous Shape-Up Tips From Celebrity Trainers

Bikini Fitness Tips
Learn the stars' secrets to getting that fab bikini bod.
With Memorial Day weekend behind us, we’re now less than one month away from the official start of summer!

For most of us, the long weekend marks the beginning of bikini season…But for celebs, they’ve been hitting the beach in their bikinis throughout winter!

So while we’re all dreading hopping into our swimsuits within the next month, I figured I’d share some inside tips on how stars get in shape for these warmer weather days!

From Gwyneth Paltrow’s toned tummy to Miley Cyrus’ long and lean legs and Beyonce’s perfect booty, today’s edition of Tuesday Ten is all about shaping up for summer!

Launch the video above to see what moves you can do to get that celeb-like body you’ve always wanted!

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