Maybe the Reason Lady Gaga Always Wears Sunglasses Is That She’s Secretly Blind?

I mean, she’s not looking anywhere she should be looking… Some would argue that, were Lady Gaga actually secretly blind, it might explain some of her wardrobe choices. Although this one, I think, is actually quite nice. More of that wig, please. Less of this one. More of today’s winning captions, and less of me rambling before we get to today’s winning captions.

“my face is down here, b*tch” – Alan

“What did I say!? No eye contact, You little monster!” – Treinity

“Im kinda drunk can u help hold Ga-Ga up baby…” – Pamela

“Oh I see her Booger” – Che

“Can I help you cross the street? Said mini gaga to the big one.” – Ed

“Serving the blind is serving humanity..” – Monti

“hey kid thanks for ur support, though i hv lost my eyes and nw i cant see , yet u still love my music videos” – Felli

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