Hayden Panettierre Is Pregnant (Perhaps With a Giant)

Tiny little Hayden Panettiere is expecting a child with her 6-foot-6 fiancé Wladimir Klitschko. It will be the first child for both Cutie and her Boxer.

Us Weekly quotes a source and former friend of the couple who claims that “Hayden is totally pregnant.” Panettiere and Klitschko have been engaged for a year, but they have no wedding date set. Panettiere recently told Parade Magazine that the couple’s nuptials have been delayed due to the upheaval in Klitschko’s native Ukraine. “Everything that’s happening in Ukraine definitely put a hold on things,” she said. “But we have time.”

The couple has dated on and off since 2009. I’m afraid it’s possible that their child will be bigger than Panettiere even at birth.