Here’s Whisper, The World’s First BASE Jumping Dog

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Whisper, an adorable 4-year-old cattle dog, has made quite a name for herself.

The pup is believed to be the world’s first BASE jumping dog, thanks to a recent adventure with her owner Dean Potter, a rock climber.

In a new clip posted to Potter’s YouTube page this week, Whisper and her human can be seen taking off from a peak in Switzerland.

Of course, the act has caused many animal lovers to wonder if little Whisper was in good hand.

Potter responded with a lengthy blog post. Here’s an excerpt:

“I know my family’s adventures must scare a lot of you who have rarely or never been into the wild or are afraid of heights and exposure. We are all different, and in no way am I saying that my way is right and your way is wrong. I just want to let you all to know that we do everything possible to keep Whisper super safe, well beyond the equivalent safety of a human being in the same scenario…”

Watch Whisper’s jump, below.