Where in the World Has Justin Bieber’s Finger Just Been?

Quite the Ladies Man
Bieber parties with Barbara Palvin in Cannes.
Considering the fact that Justin Bieber has recently been linked with everyone from Kylie Jenner to Adriana Lima to Paris Hilton to Yovanna Ventura to Gigi Hadid, you might not want to know. Regardless, he definitely seems like the kind of guy who still thinks “smell my finger” is funny. It’s not. Unlike today’s winning captions, which are.

“Ayo girl see my hand? That’s the amount of fans I have left” – Brittané

“I would like a happy meal please with juice.” – Leslie

“Yup, that’s the size on my penis” – Louise

“Step back yo, I got eggs in the back and I ain’t afraid to use em” – Brandon

“One step closer and I’m flicking this booger!!” – Cookie

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