Hulu May Save ‘Community’

six seasons and a movie
Gillian Jacobs talks about her work on 'Community.'
The dream of six seasons and a movie isn’t entirely dead yet. Sources tell Entertainment Weekly that Hulu and Sony Pictures TV are in talks to revive Community, which NBC recently canceled, following the show’s fifth season.

Hulu and Sony aren’t commenting, of course, but the deal would reportedly be for a sixth 13-episode season of Community to air exclusively on Hulu. The show’s first five seasons are already streaming on Hulu, so the deal would make sense for both parties. While Community’s ratings have always been low, its fanbase is rabid and the show is critically lauded; acquiring an original season of Community could bring some much needed attention to Hulu. While Hulu has been producing original series for some time now, none of them have caught on like Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, House of Cards and Arrested Development’s fourth season.

Series creator Dan Harmon is reportedly in on the deal and has previously expressed a desire to continue the show. Responding to the show’s cancelation, he wrote on his blog, “I’m not going to be the guy that recancels cancelled Community.”

Six seasons and a movie has become something of a rally cry for fans of Community, which was on the verge of cancelation every season it aired. No word on the movie yet.