J Woww Tells TMZ to Go 'Suck a D*ck On the Corner'

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Eeps! Jenni "J WOWW" Farley is spewing some harsh words at TMZ... And honestly, we don't blame her!

The reality star is firing back after the publication posted a joke article titled, "Lil Kim Wowwing NYC With Her Baby Bump," which featured a photo of Jenni from earlier today but was written entirely about Lil Kim--comparing the two in what feels like a mean-spirited manner.

The Jersey Shore mom-to-be didn't take too kindly to the article (as anyone would), and took to Twitter to respond:


Of course Snooki had her BFFs' back, and retweeted the photo to show her support.

A few minutes later, Jenni posted to Instagram regretting the fact that she allowed TMZ to get to her:

True that, girl! Don't let the haters stop you from doing your thang! (Kevin G voice)

What do you think of the TMZ article?  Funny or too mean?  Sound off below!



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  • Jenna Vandenburgh
    Jenna Vandenburgh

    Good for her! Ppl are bein so harsh on Jenni and snooki! Why don't they just leave them the hell alone for once!!! There not the same ppl they we're on Jersey Shore!!!!

  • Heather Leigh Martinez
    Heather Leigh Martinez

    Right* & *you're