Mariah Wishes She Could Slay Like Bey

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It’s about to be a diva fashion showdown!

Mariah Carey decided to wear the exact same Roberto Cavalli dress to the World Music Awards earlier this week that Beyoncé rocked in February at DirectTV’s Superbowl concert.

Now, even if Mariah has been living beneath a rock for the past six months, there’s absolutely no way her stylist didn’t know… I’m guessing Mariah’s ego has a lot to do with the little coincidence.  It’s like she’s sending Bey a message saying, “I’m the ultimate Queen! And I can wear anything better than you!”

But in reality, let’s be honest: a) Bey slays everyone, every time. And b) I wouldn’t think this dress looked good on Mariah even if Queen B hadn’t worn it before… So there’s that.

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