Blake Lively and Amber Heard Rumored to Be Vying for Bond Girl Role

Hmm. I don’t quite see Blake Lively as a Bond girl, but I could see Amber Heard taking on the role.

The rumor is that Blake and Amber are interested in the part in the next Bond film of a Scandinavian woman who is a “good person with a troubled past.”

Star Magazine (via Celebitchy) reports:

Uh-oh, the world’s favorite spy has one tough decision to make! Blake Lively and Amber Heard are vying for the coveted role of James Bond’s leading Lady in the next 007 film, which is shooting this November and due out a year later. The part calls for a gorgeous Scandinavian woman who is a “good person with a trouble past.” This is a huge franchise, so anyone asked to audition jumps at the chance,” says a source who reveals that producer Barbara Broccoli thinks Blake and Amber would both be ideal — but only one of them can land the part! “There’s bound to be a showdown. They would certainly fight for it!” They wouldn’t be worthy of Bond Girl status if they didn’t!

Even fans on the Gossip Girl website are rooting for Amber.

“I think Amber is going to get it because she does the bad girl thing better. Blake is beautiful and classy, but she rarely shows her sexy vixen side,” wrote a fan on Gossip Girl.

Meanwhile, Daniel Craig will be returning as Bond in the upcoming installment of the franchise, which will be directed by Sam Mendes. The yet untitled Bond 24 will be penned by John Logan and he noted in an earlier interview that the themes and ideas from Skyfall will continue into the next movie.

Who would you rather see as the newest Bond girl?