Bret Michaels Suffers Medical Emergency During New Hampshire Concert: He ‘Had To Be Dragged Off the Stage’

Bret's Close Brush
Bret Michaels escapes serious injury in tour bus accident.
Bret Michaels abruptly ended his concert in Manchester, N.H. Thursday night after the singer suffered a medical emergency.

The 51-year-old, who has Type-1 diabetes, was three songs into his set at the Palace Theater when the scary moment happened.

Michaels’ band mate Pete Evick later posted this message on the rock star’s official website and Facebook page.

This is a message I never imagined I’d have to post. Tonight in Manchester, NH 3 songs into the set Bret had me sing a song as he rushed off stage. In the 9 years I’ve stood next to him, I’ve never seen a look like the one on his face as if I was a complete stranger. One of the crew returned instantly to notify me that Bret’s blood sugar was extremely low.

He returned to the stage only to announce that he could not continue. As you all know he is a health fanatic and fiercely monitors his blood sugar, he basically had to be dragged off the stage in his sickest of conditions. When I rushed to the bus he could barley speak, but begged me to apologize to the fans and seemed only concerned for them.

As of now he is with paramedics being evaluated. We will keep you posted throughout the evening.

Michaels’ camp also wrote, “Sending a huge shout out to all the paramedics both on and off duty who have assisted Bret tonight. No words can thank you enough for your help.”

In 2010, the Poison front man suffered a brain hemorrhage that left him in intensive care for nearly two weeks. Michaels thought he had been “shot” in the back of the head.

“It made my mind go almost blank,” he told PEOPLE after the incident. “My neck tensed up. I couldn’t move my head at all.”

Michaels’ current tour is scheduled to arrive in Pennsylvania on Friday, followed by a show in Albany, N.Y. on Saturday. No word on whether or not these shows will be postponed.