Friday Fashion Flashback: Angelina Jolie’s Style Evolution Over the Years

Angie's Engagement Bling
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Angelina Jolie has become one of Hollywood’s biggest icons, continuously stunning us all in everything she does, especially with her flawless elegance on the red carpet.

However, Angie’s style has come a long way… Remember her tattoo-bearing Billy Bob Thornton days when she wore a vile of his blood around her neck?  It’s easier to let her current perfection mask her questionable choices from back in the day.

But I think it’s worth taking a walk down memory lane! So in honor of her 39th birthday right around the corner and the big debut of her new film Maleficent hitting theaters today, let’s check out her extreme style evolution over the years for today’s edition of Fashion Flashback.

Launch the gallery above to see just how far she’s come!