The 5 Best Beasts from the Wonderful Low Budget Beasts Tumblr

Well it’s about time someone made a Tumblr dedicated for the worst Beast costumes from productions of Beauty and the Beast.

Specifically, low budget productions.

Enter “Low-Budget Beasts,” a Tumblr page that has been praised by several outlets in the last week.

Hey, theater production is a tough business. But the Beast shouldn’t suffer because of low funds.

Here are five of the best excuses for Beast, courtesy of Low-Budget Beasts:

This was made with an old wig and real cat fur.



We’re not really sure what’s going on with this one. Beast kind of looks like a pig or a warthog.


Low budget Beast AND Belle. Poor Belle.



My, Beast, what fake muscles you have . . . and your hair . . .



No words.



Head over to Low-Budget Beasts for more interpretations of Belle’s beloved.