Watch Country Star Luke Bryan Fall Off Stage as He Dances to Macklemore

While American lawmakers have been slow to enact legislation that makes forcing a captive audience to listen to Macklemore illegal, karma will always get to you one way or another, as it did with Luke Bryan. During a concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bryan was dancing around to “Can’t Hold Us” when he literally overstepped his boundaries, falling off the stage.

Feel free to laugh, though, because he wasn’t seriously hurt. And, thank god, his beautiful face remains unharmed.

While all evidence would suggest that this was karmic retribution for, you know, listening to Macklemore, there could be something more sinister at hand. Perhaps Byran’s ancestors somehow wronged the state of North Carolina, which seems to continue to torture the country singer. “Check this out, the last time I was in North Carolina, I busted my ass on stage,” Bryan announces, following the fall. “What is it about North Carolina that makes me bust my ass?”

Or maybe he’s just kind of a klutz.