Celebs Are Mad as Hell and They Aren’t Going to Take It Anymore!

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J-Lawrence Best Looks
Jennifer Lawrence at her hottest.
Celebrities and paparazzi go together like sushi and soy sauce (I’m so LA right now, I know) – it’s just the unfortunate truth.

With fame comes a certain amount of invasion of ones personal space and a reduced amount of privacy, something celebrities are well aware of while going into the business, but sometimes stars get fed up with the constant abuse and in the end a relentless pap will go down.


It might be hard to believe, but celebs have been losing their cool on ridiculous photographers long before Britney Spears pulled out her umbrella – but really now, who could blame them?

When you’re just trying to get back into your apartment after a mid day workout and you’re bombarded with questions about your ex or you’re trying to get home from the airport and cameras are flashing in your face, it’s hard to imagine anything less infuriating.

While some stars like Alec Baldwin and Kanye West have a salty history of lashing out at the paps, other stars like Lilly Allen have only freaked once or twice, either way Brit is not alone!

Launch the gallery above to see which stars have taken out their aggression on the frustrating paparrazi!