From High-End to Low-End: Get Miranda Kerr’s Business Casual Look for Less

It can be a little difficult finding summer-friendly outfits that are also suitable for work.  While it’s not exactly “work appropriate” to wear short dresses or cut-offs, we can still incorporate warmer weather styles into our business attire with some bright colors, flowy blouses and a good purse!

A few months ago Miranda Kerr proved how to do it flawlessly with an adorable hot pink blazer, a loose white t-shirt, some wide-leg jeans and a pair of nude sandal heels.  She looked fresh and bright and ready for summer!

However, Miranda’s style is a wee bit expensive for my taste, ringing in at over $3800!  So I decided to do some investigative work and found a super similar look for a lot less.

Launch the video above to see how you can get it, too!

Where to buy

Miranda’s Look

Look for Less

You’ll notice I splurged a little on the purse and blazer–That’s because these are two staple items for your closet that you’ll wear for years and years.  I’d also spend a little extra on the heels if I could, but you gotta pick and choose your battles, right?! ;-)

How about you?  Would you wear this look?  Which items would you splurge on?