Chloë Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham Kick-Ass at Skateboarding

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Chloe Moretz does her best Kristen Stewart impression.
Is there romance in the air in Santa Monica?

Chloë Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham were spotted having a day at the beach this weekend. And, if they aren’t one already, the pair would make an adorable couple….we’re just sayin’.

The 17-year-old Kick-Ass star looked like a pro next to David and Victoria Beckham‘s oldest son, 15, even recovering after losing her hat at one point.

It’s nice to see the youngsters getting along, regardless of their relationship status. Even if they are just friends, we have a feeling any young lady would love to spend an afternoon with Brooklyn.

That kids got to be a charmer. Let’s face it, it’s in his genes.