Lupita Nyong’o Spotted Stompin’ Divots at a Polo Match

Lupita Nyong'o tops People Magazine's list of beautiful women.
Like a boss, Lupita Nyong’o managed to not only look amazing at a polo match but she also stomped around that field like she’s been crushing divots her whole life.

Spotted at the seventh annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in New Jersey, Lupita walked the red carpet and seemed to be the only celeb photographed stomping divots on the field.

In case you aren’t an avid polo player, stomping divots is a tradition of the game. During polo play, small patches of grass and dirt are torn up by the polo ponies’ quick starts, stops and turns, creating divots that can be dangerous for the horses. Fans make an experience out of “stomping” the divots back in place, while helping to keep our ponies and players safe.

Other celebs in attendance were Julianne Moore, Olivia Munn, Aaron Paul and even Anastasia Steele herself, Dakota Johnson.

You’ve got to love an event that combines fashion, celebrities, and a sport that most people in America have no idea even exists.