Iggy Azalea Is Judging You

Iggy Azalea is judging you if you didn’t write a caption for this photo. What’s up with that? I have to agree with Iggy on this one. Consider yourself judged. Unless you wrote one of these:

“I’m so faaaaancy” – Halena

“aww you got your baby dancing to my explicit a** songs awww…” – Antoinette

“i fell down the stairs and broke my neck last night…but im stil fancy?! ryt? u got to knw? am i? answer me ryt nau!!” – Miz Kweenswill

“awwww, you think I ain’t fancy? How cute! sit down bitch!” – Sabina

“Hahaha,Girl Do You Really Wanna Go There With Me?” - Natasha

“Aww. You don’t like me? That’s sad. But guess what? I don’t care.” – Joyce

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