Chris Brown Walks Free

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happy birthday!
Chris Brown spends his 25th birthday behind bars.
In what amounts to yet another victory for the American justice system, Chris Brown has been released from jail, completely rehabilitated and surely not to disturb another human being for as long as he shall live.

After months of legal troubles, Brown was taken into custody in March, after he was kicked out of rehab. He was found to have violated his probation and in May a judge sentenced him to a year behind bars, but he was given credit for time already spent in jail, as well as the time he spent in rehab. After the credits, Brown’s sentence was 131 days. Early this morning, however, after just 108 days, Brown was released, the Associated Press confirms.

He must still complete 1,000 hours of community service.

Following his release, Brown returned to Twitter to thank the fans he somehow still has.

Brown will probably now get back to work on his long delayed studio album X. The album was supposed to have been released last month, but was scrapped since Brown was, you know, in jail.