Amber Heard Makes Out With Old Man Johnny Depp

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Now that’s love.

Despite the receding hairline and slight beer belly, Johnny Depp somehow still managed to get the super-hot Amber Heard to make out with him — while in full old man makeup and all — on the set of his new movie, Black Mass, this week. Not to shy away from PDA, the engaged couple were spotted holding hands in between takes before giving one another kisses.

Set to be released in 2015, Depp’s new drama centers around the hunt for former FBI informant and real-life convicted murderer Whitey Bulger, who was eventually caught at the age of 81 after 16 years in hiding. The film also stars Benedict CumberbatchDakota JohnsonSienna Miller and Adam Scott.

I guess this is a sign that the actor can truly let himself go after marrying Heard. After all, it certainly seems like his girl doesn’t mind the aged look.