Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen Are Looking to Get Lucky in the Trailer for ‘Very Good Girls’

Not every summer movie involves a robot punching a skyscraper. Some are about real life struggles, like losing your virginity before you head off to college. In Very Good Girls, that’s just what Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen are looking to do. Which is all well and good, until they fall for the same boy. Dare you to watch this and then have any desire to repeat your teenage years.

Very Good Girls premiered at Sundance way back in January 2013 and it’s finally coming out. The reviews out of Sundance weren’t phenomenal, but then again who knows how much the film has been tweaked since then. And despite the reviews, Olsen and Fanning’s performances earned some positive marks.

In a genius bit of counter-programming, the movie opens on July 25, the very same day as Hercules.