Is Harry Styles Naked in This Photo?

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Okay, what’s going on here?

Harry Styles’ cousin, Matt Selley, tweeted — then quickly deleted — a photo of the One Direction singer looking quite undressed while watching a boxing match with a bunch of his mates. While Styles does seem to be nude in the photo, with only a strategically-placed hand and his cousin hand covering up a full view of his manhood, common sense and logic dictate that it’s highly unlikely the British crooner is actually butt naked in the picture.

Like, do you know anyone that would invite his buddies — including a blood relative — over to his house, whip out his penis and sit down to watch TV? And judging by his friends’ faces, you’d think someone would at least react to the sight of Style’s meat-and-potatoes being out in the open, right?

Now, can we all please stop freaking out about a little skin and focus on a more serious matter like what the hell is on Styles’ head? Thank you.