We Found Kanye. Hi Kanye!

she's back!
Kim Kardashian returns to LA following her honeymoon with Kanye West.
Following their whirlwind European honeymoon, we were all surprised that Kanye West wasn’t by Kim Kardashian’s side when she touched down in Los Angeles Sunday. Where’s Kanye, we asked ourselves. Was it something we said? Or perhaps something more sinister is at play here and Kanye was detained at customs for trying to write “Yeezus” on his declaration form.

Fear no more, we found Kanye and he’s in the good old U.S. of A. West was photographed Tuesday in New York City. He was, of course, shopping. He was also in good spirits, even flashing that smile we love so much.

Meantime, on the other side of the continent Kanye’s betrothed has been writing about their time in Europe, calling it the “best time ever.”

Click through the gallery above for more photos of a newly-married Kanye West galavanting in New York City.

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