For $20,000, You Could Die in ‘Game of Thrones,’ Just Like Every Other Character

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In the world of Game of Thrones, death is a near constant. But imagine how much more gut-wrenching that death would be if it was you who was dying.

Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is offering a grisly death to anyone who’ll donate $20,000 to Martin’s Prizeo crowdfunding campaign, raising money for the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and Food Depot in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One man and one woman who donate the money gets to choose their position in the world of Game of Thrones (lord, prostitute, whatever) and Martin will write your character’s gruesome death into a future Song of Fire and Ice novel. Of course, this cameo will probably not make it into the show, but an on-screen death is fleeting, having a character named after you in a book is forever!

The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary has long been a favorite charity of Martin and his wife. The couple has raised funds and awareness for the shelter which now houses more than 60 wolves and wolf-dog hybrids.

Other prizes include winning a signed script of Game of Thrones‘ first episode, having breakfast with Martin, and a tour of the sanctuary and helicopter ride with Martin. The fundraising campaign has 60 days left.

All men must donate.