Hugh Jackman Bounces Naked in the Shower in Tony Awards Promo

Hugh's Shirtless Moments
Hugh Jackman? More like Hugh Jacked Man!
Whatever it gets for people to tune in to the 2014 Tony Awards this Sunday, Hugh Jackman is seemingly up for.

The American Theatre Wing just released this amusing (and rather bizarre) promo clip featuring the 45-year-old actor as he conducts his typical day-to-day activities.

In the video he can’t seem to stop bouncing. Even while soaping up in the shower, Jackman continues bouncing away. Apparently, he’s concealing some sort of big secret. Take a look at the video below.

After posting the promo to Twitter, the 45-year-old actor tweeted a scruffy selfie on stage at Radio City Music Hall… where the awards crew seem to be in serious rehearsal mode.

“Feeling very real and excited,” the star captioned the snap. “First time in many years the orchestra will be back on stage.”

He also posted a rehearsal video, with the caption, “A peak behind the #TonyAwards curtain with the amazingly talented @JasonASparks, @Lesfles @caso1708 and Hayley Podschun.”

Watch the full video below.

BOUNCE from H_J on Vimeo.