Kris Jenner Say’s Daughter Kendall Jenner Has a ‘Perfect Body’

Kendall Jenner Topless
Kendall Jenner takes her top off for Interview mag.
We all know that Kris Jenner is proud of all her daughters, but which one does she think is perfect?

Kris spoke Huffington Post about how she’s thrilled for daughter Kendall Jenner’s modeling success.

“She’s really good at what she does,” Kris stated, adding, “She’s living her dream.”

She went on to day, “She has like, the perfect body, especially one that wants to be in the modeling business. I don’t know, I got a lot of curves and I couldn’t pull that off. But she always looks remarkable.”

She does love Kendall for other reason’s though.

“She’s got such a good heart, and she’s such a good kid. And she’s really so happy in her own skin. She’s not shy — it doesn’t bother her.”

Watch the interview below.