Lady Gaga’s Makeup-Free Bed Selfie is Her Prettiest Pic Ever

Gaga Hearts Asia
See the singer's Instagram pics of her pooch.
She’s not known for a less is more approach to makeup, but Lady Gaga should consider going au naturel more often.

The “Applause” singer just posted a bedroom selfie and looks absolutely beautiful makeup-free.

Gaga, 28, shared this photo with her more than 3.6 million Instagram followers and captioned it: “Day off sleepy girl”

The pop star, currently on a three-week break from her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball Tour, also shared a cute photo os she and her adorable French Bulldog, “Asia,” whom she refers to as “Bat Pig” or “Piggy.”

“Me and my piggy go sleepy, she likes a mask too hers says ‘ten more minutes'”

The R&R is working wonders for your complexion, Gaga.