Here’s Kim Kardashian West’s Signature as a Married Woman

Kim's Wedding Dress
Details on Kim Kardashian's designer wedding dress.
In a sweet post titled “Mrs. West,” Kim Kardashian revealed this week her brand new signature as a newlywed.

“We were in Prague and we signed plates for the restaurant,” Kardashian wrote on her website on Wednesday. “This is the 1st time I signed West!! Xo.”

[Photo courtesy of Kim Kardashian]

Kardashian, 33, and her longtime love Kanye West tied the knot on May 24 in a romantic ceremony in Florence, Italy. The couple then ventured off to Ireland and Prague for their honeymoon before arriving home this week.

On Thursday, “momager” Kris Jenner paid a visit to the Today Show to reflect on the nuptials.

“It was so beautiful and magical, and that feeling went through every single person. It was just a love fest. It was the most wonderful time I think I ever had,” she told Hoda Kotb.

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