Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Cameron Diaz Pay Tribute to Jane Fonda at AFI Life Achievement Award Ceremony

Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz and Michael Douglas were among the stars who turned out to honor Jane Fonda as she received a special award from the American Film Institute last night (June 05, 2014) in Hollywood.

Streep and Bullock both gave speeches, along with Sally Field and Lily Tomlin, and Douglas, who received the same prize in 2009, was on hand to present Fonda with the trophy.

Jeff Daniels also attended, and sang a song with the refrain "abs, butt and thighs", apparently referring to the star's exercise videos.

Wanda Sykes wore a Barbarella costume, referencing Jane's 1968 film, and was carried on stage by a man dressed as a winged angel.

As she collected her award, Jane had some advice for the roomful of Hollywood celebrities, telling them: "Ask questions, stay curious. It's much more important to be interested than to be interesting."

The most emotional moments came when her son, actor Troy Garity, describing what he called his mother's own life-long journey of self-discovery, "a journey that I feel began when she lost her own mother at a young age and was left believing that she had to fight for her father's affection. Since then, for better or for worse, she has fearlessly pursued a life to mark her existence, to prove her worth, and it makes sense that you found comfort in acting. It's a craft that gives lessons to live by." He concluded, "Being raised by you, intimately observing your commitment, I want to say to you here, in front of this great room of people, that in film, in fitness, in politics, in family, Mom, you have succeeded."

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  • Myrna Trial
    Myrna Trial

    So now we are honoring traitors.

  • Linda Dianne Johns
    Linda Dianne Johns

    alabamldy • just now She was and is a traitor to her country, she should have lost her United States citizenship for what she did in North Viet Nam! She went there and praised the North Viet Cong for killing our troops and posed for a photo with an anti aircraft gun. She visited U.S. military held prisoners who gave her messages for her to give to our military and instead gave the information to the Viet Cong. Who in turn tortured the U.S. military prisoners who gave her the messages to be passed on to our government. And Hollywood give her an award? I am sadden and ashamed that any actor I know would go to any award show for her.

  • pman

    Hanoi Jane Fonda should have been shot 45 years ago !!!