These Are The Two Lovebirds Who Allegedly Stole Miley Cyrus’ Maserati

Miley's Bathroom Selfies
The images may haunt your dreams forever.
So, you didn’t do it after all. Unless you are one of the two people making out in the above photo that is.

The lovestruck perps who allegedly stole Miley Cyrus’ Maserati have been nabbed, according to TMZ

The website reports Tylor Scott, 20, and Naomi Charles, 21, were arrested on Thursday morning in connection with the theft. TMZ also claims that Scott is already facing separate burglary charges in Arizona. The couple was reportedly identified in Hollywood on Thursday by police officers who recognized them from surveillance video of the theft.

Scott evidently dropped the car off in the Simi Valley area of Los Angeles last Friday night, where it remained untouched all weekend. The sports car was recovered on Monday morning after concerned neighbors contacted law enforcement.

The two thieves also made off with the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s jewelry, which has yet to turn up. Cyrus, 21, is currently overseas on tour.

It’s not known what’s Scott’s “legit” profession is, if he has one, but his girlfriend Naomi is supposedly a fitness model.

Naomi Charles posted this photo to her Instagram in April with the caption: “Somewhere between a flamboyant mermaid and an 80’s Barbie. But this is why photoshoot a are fun” [sic]


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