VIDEO: Watch Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum Arm Wrestle

Channing Tatum sent a sweet bday message to his daughter Everly.
Jimmy Fallon challenged Channing Tatum to an arm wrestling match during The Tonight Show on Friday — and these boys came prepared with their fightin’ words at the ready.

“I know you’re a strong dude. I’ve seen Magic Mike 12 times. But I bet I can take you in an arm wrestle,” Fallon said. “I’m serious. I’ve been working out a lot lately — Curves gym.”

That wasn’t even the half of it though, as the real trash talk started after the 22 Jump Street star and the Late Night host made their way to a tiny wooden table amongst the audience.

“After I win, I’m gonna start texting you so you see that little typin’ bubble pop up and then I’m gonna wait, like, five years and then just text…’K,'” Tatum joked.

Meanwhile, Fallon wanted to travel after his big win. “After I win, I’m going to stuff myself in a duffel bag so only my head is sticking out. Then ride around an airport carousel and yell, ‘A little help!'”

They were just getting started though and you’ll have to watch the hilarious video below to see who won!