Sandra Bullock’s Home Invasion Nightmare: Report

This is what happens when Sandra Bullock google's herself.
Sandra Bullock had a very scary morning, as a man was arrested on her Los Angeles property while she was inside!

The Los Angeles Times reports that a 39-year-old man was arrested around 6:30 Sunday morning in Bullock’s yard as he “checked the house.” A representative for the LAPD confirmed to the Times that the man was still in custody as of 9 am.

It isn’t clear who called the police or if the man has been linked with Bullock in the past.

Some reports would suggest that the man had actually broken into Sandra’s home, but that hasn’t been verified as of yet.

Thankfully though, Bullock wasn’t harmed during the incident and it seems as if whatever was meant to happen was thwarted by the police.

Sandra’s press rep has been asked for a statement, but so far mum is the word.