Justin Bieber Was Baptized…in a Bathtub: Report

Usher thinks Justin Bieber's racist behavior is unfortunate.
Justin Bieber has apparently found Jesus in his search for redemption recently and it seems that he’s confirmed that relationship with the church, a pastor, and the bathtub at a friend’s house.

TMZ has the exclusive story, shining the spotlight on how it seems Bieber is doing damage control in light of the recently released (and very racist) videos of the singer.

NYC-based Pastor Carl Lentz told TMZ that he he spent a week last month doing intense Bible study with Justin. Something they’re told happened in response to the Biebs allegedly being extorted ahead of the videos’ release.

At the end of the sessions, which focused on Bible Study and church services, Lentz babtized the singer in a friends bathtub because they wanted to keep the ceremony private.

A man in possession of both videos apparently contacted Justin’s team several months ago in an effort to bring in a million dollar payday. It seems the blackmail attempt and consequent stress lead to Bieber’s quest for enlightenment. 

It remains to be seen whether anyone will care that Justin has found God in an over-the-top publicity stunt.