We’re All Still ‘Waiting for Tonight’ ‘Cuz Jennifer Lopez Won’t Stop Taking Selfies

C’mon, Jennifer Lopez. Wrap it up. Everybody likes to take a selfie, but you’ve been trying to get the right angle for six hours! And then you spent another 45 minutes trying to choose a filter before scrapping the whole thing and starting over again. Let’s get a move on! We’ve got things to do, man! Reading today’s winning captions, for example…

“Just gonna go dominate the world again. But first… Lemme take a selfie!” – Samantha

“That awkward moment when you take a picture in public to see if there’s any left over food in you teeth” – Tabitha

“I’M SINGLE B*TCHES” – Marissa

“Screw you Casper … #SingleSelfie” – Jeremiah

“Rumors got me laughing kid.” – Cassie

“This cougar is back on the prowl!!” – Fn

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