Miley Cyrus Makes Out With Her Backup Dancer

Miley Makes Out
See Miley Cyrus kiss a gal pal on the lips.
You’d think Miley Cyrus would learn by now after her tongue got rejected by Katy Perry. But no, I digress.

During Sunday night’s performance in Milan, Italy, the “We Can’t Stop” singer got quite intimate with one of her backup dancers onstage. Stripped down and in bed, Cyrus was spotted cozying up next to the shirtless performer before sticking that famous tongue of hers down his throat giving him a big kiss on the lips.

Of course, the usual “gyrating on a giant hot dog” and “spitting water on fans” schtick were all there too, so it could just be a new thing Cyrus is trying out.

Launch the gallery above to see photo of the saucy smooch!

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