The Best Weird Celebrity Claps, Starting with Sting at the 2014 Tony Awards

Tonys 2014
NPH gives Sting a lap dance at the 2014 Tony Awards.
Who knew Sting had such an awful, bizarre clap?

During last night’s telecast of the 2014 Tony Awards in New York City, the 62-year-old musician was filmed reacting to host Hugh Jackman.

Please, just watch:

As first pointed out by Vine user Lisa Ferreira and the folks at BuzzFeed, Sting has no clue what he’s doing when it comes to clapping.

Speaking of famous people and clapping, here are some others who can’t quite get the gesture right:

Here’s Brendan Fraser at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards

Steve McQueen
clapping after John Ridley’s acceptance speech at this year’s Golden Globes:

Britney Spears
during her X-Factor stint:


Britney at the Grammys:

Jimmy Fallon
at the 2011 Emmy Awards

And for good measure, the hottest clap in the world goes to . . .

Ryan Gosling


Sorry for getting the clapping song in your head.