Who Would Kick More Ass With a Crossbow: Daryl Dixon or King Joffrey?

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It’s no secret that The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones dominate Sunday nights in term of viewership, but which of their crossbow-wielding characters kick more ass? Well, we went straight to the source.

Celebuzz caught up with Norman Reedus — fellow Game of Thrones fan who just so happens to play Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead — at Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards over the weekend to weigh in on this oh-so important matter. So, would America’s favorite zombie hunter kick the ass of TV’s most loathed villain of all-time?

“Oh God, yeah!” Reedus told us. “I mean, he’s great though. Don’t get me wrong, I love that character. When he went, I was so bummed.”

But before you get any idea of Reedus being the sole member of #TeamJoffrey, the actor explained that he is so drawn to Joffrey’s character because Jack Gleeson did such a good job playing “an asshole.”

“Being an actor, if someone hates you on a show that means you’re doing a good job,” he said. “He is such a good actor.”

As for his own series, Reedus said The Walking Dead “has become its own animal.”

“It’s crazy,” he gushed. “The stuff we’re shooting this season so far … I don’t think it’s even going to make it to the screen because it’s so hardcore. I’m excited for people to see the season because it’s nuts.”

“It’s changed a lot,” he continued. “It’s very intense.”