Don’t F*ck With J Lo And Her Tight Pants

Jenny from the Block couldn’t help but get a bit ghetto on Jimmy Fallon when he threatened her and her tight pants…

Jennifer Lopez isn’t letting her recent split from Casper Smart bring her down, making an appearance on The Tonight Show Monday night to perform a funny little skit with the TV comedian who she matched in a bowl-cut wig and tight, white pants.

Fallon kicked off the skit, singing about how he was the only one who’s got “those tight pants,” but much to the comedian’s dismay, J. Lo came moseying on in wearing the same pants, inciting a mini dance-off.

But when Fallon wouldn’t give up his title as Best Tight Pants In The Land, the “I Luh Ya Papi” crooner lost her cool, calling him a “little bitch” and threatening to “cut” him. LOL!

Watch the video above to see the hilarious performance play out!