TLC: We Never Dissed Rihanna for Being Naked All the Time

Rihanna: IDGAF
Rihanna responds to haters in the best way possible.
After the media — and Rihanna herself — caught wind of TLC allegedly dissing the singer for constantly showing skin, the hip-hop girl group stepped forward to clear the air about their previous statement, blaming the whole supposed feud on a poorly edited interview.

“We never mentioned any artist’s name,” Chilli told Yahoo! Music this week.

“We never mentioned anything,” T-Boz explained, noting that she has never even the sheer, nipple-baring dress Rihanna wore to the CFDA Awards that first sparked the conversation. “The unfortunate part is that we were giving a positive message to little girls. We were saying that, ‘It’s cool if you don’t want to wear clothes. You can do what you want. We don’t care.’ We were talking to the little girls that want to be on television or be singers …  that you don’t have to feel forced [to take your clothes off].”

“They even took my comment — ‘a spade is a spade’ — out of context and cut it up and manipulated the whole interview,” she continued, accusing Australian morning show Sunrise for for misconstruing their words. “You heard me say something like, ‘Every time we see you, you don’t have to be naked,’ and then [Sunrise] put [Rihanna’s] picture up.”

Regardless of what was said, it was apparent that Rihanna took offense to it. After the interview had aired, Rihanna tweeted the following before changing her Twitter background to a picture of TLC posing topless.

According to TLC, Rihanna’s shady subtweets to their false statements were totally unprofessional and uncalled for.

“I understand that the job that we have that comes with it. But what is not cool is when we have a problem with an artist or if an artist has a problem with us, directly talk to us,” Chilli said. “Don’t start a Twitter war. That’s silly.”

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