Even Channing Tatum is Sick of Talking About That Jonah Hill Bet: ‘I Should Have Never Uttered This to a Journalist’

Remember when Channing Tatum told GQ about a little bet he had made with Jonah Hill during their 21 Jump Street days?

Yeah, Tatum is regretting that move. (The bet, not the success of the movie).

During a chat with Entertainment Weekly’s SiriusXM radio show, airing Friday, Tatum says he probably should have kept his mouth shut.

“It was bad. I should have never uttered this to a journalist. As a joke . . . it’s like, caught fire, like we actually made this real bet,” he tells EW.

After explaining the bet (for the umpteenth time) on air, Tatum and Hill both stand by their claim that they’ve never taken the bet seriously.

“It’s definitely a joke guys,” Tatum says, before adding, “If he ever pisses me off I’m definitely collecting.”

22 Jump Street opens Friday. The full EW radio interview will premiere on SiriusXM 105 on Friday at 7 p.m. EST.