Louis C.K. Is Urging TMZ To Remove Footage of Tracy Morgan’s Crash

critical but stable
Following the crash that almost killed him, Tracy Morgan is doing better.
Underneath the screeching headlines and the bitchy one-liners, does TMZ have a heart? We’ll soon see. Louis C.K. is asking the site to take down video of the car crash that killed James McNair and injured Tracy Morgan and two others over the weekend.

The video shows the carnage immediately after a Wal-Mart truck crashed into a limo bus Morgan had hired to take him home from a booking. In it, you can see comedian Ardie Fuqua, who was seriously injured, being dragged from the wreckage. The campaign actually began with his daughter, who posted an appeal for human decency to Instagram.

Soon after that, C.K. joined the movement, urging TMZ to remove the video, which it bought from an anonymous witness to the crash.

Since C.K. drew attention to Fuqua’s daughter’s pleas, other celebrities have joined in.

So far TMZ has not responded. But have they ever decided a celebrity video was too sensitive to post before? Well TMZ had the footage of Justin Bieber using the n-word years before anyone else, but rather than post it, they used the video to blackmail Bieber into giving them exclusives and appearing on their TV show, TMZ Live. TMZ also censored a video it posted of Kate Upton during a topless photo shoot, saying: “Unfortunately, we can’t show you the completely uncensored version.” Why, you ask? Because they could have been sued for more than the profit they’d make off the page views on the video. So, yes, TMZ will hold some things too sensitive to post, just not human carnage and suffering.