Michael Ian Black on Sex with Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd’s Big Secret and ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ Rumours

all poehler, all the time
Amy Poehler's brother gets an NBC show of his own.
Comedian Michael Ian Black has made out with Bradley Cooper. Jealous? Us too.

Of course, as the Wet Hot American Summer actor was quick to point out when we sat down with him recently, “he wasn’t two-time Academy Award-nominee Bradley Cooper. He was just some jerk out of acting school.” 

Black, 42, also revealed some interesting information about his Wet Hot co-star Paul Rudd who appears to be aging in reverse, like a real-life Benjamin Button. We’re pretty sure the Inside Amy Schumer was putting us on, but this IS Hollywood, folks. So, you just never know

The stand-up comic/writer/actor and overall funnyman is currently appearing in a series of CollegeHumor shorts for Klondike’s new Kandy Bar, “the best ice cream bar ever conceived.” Black poses the question what would happen if you “mated” ice cream and candy? 

Check it out below and watch the rest of our interview with Michael above to hear what he has to say about a possible Wet Hot American Summer TV series.